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DRAKE’S GS:TE-LM (Grinding System: Thread External – Linear Motor)

Since its debut in 2004, the LM series of internal, external, and universal thread and gear grinders have proven to be one of the most productive thread grinders ever.  Because of its high stiffness and intuitive, simple to use PartSmart™ software, these Linear Motor grinders are setting new productivity standards in tap, worm, ball nut, gear, and gage grinding in both job shops and in dedicated production cells.

From M1x0.8 form taps to 5-start DIN 2 worms to 20” API buttress casing gages to 4 meter ball screws, we at Drake have a linear motor thread grinder to fit your production requirements whether you are grinding with AlOx2, Seeded Gel Ceramic, or CBN, the LM series of thread grinders can meet your demanding production needs.


GS:TE-LM Video: GS:TE-LM Intro
  Birth of a Thread Grinder
  Part Smart Video


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Drake GS:TE-LM Thread Grinder

Pallet Loading System

The GS:TE-LM lets you …

  • Grind threads, gear teeth, and ball tracks on one machine.

  • Grind using the latest superabrasives with confidence

  • Use acoustic emissions monitoring to optimize the dress and grind process.

  • Automatically correct wheel forms for helical path interference or for off helix internal grinding

  • Employ machine operators instead of journeymen machinists

  • Offer your customers high value added grinding services to remain globally competitive

Robot Load & Unload

Simple, menu-driven customized programming.
Drake’s menu-driven gear and thread grinding software is comprehensive and gives you the flexibility to contour, plunge form, or crush dress single and multiple rib grinding wheels.   And you can count on Drake's System Engineers for full-time support and assistance as your needs change and the technology advances.

The total system is pre-tested at our plant on your parts. Then it's proved out for you and prepped for start-up.

The latest Fanuc controls assure easy set-up.

The GS:TE-LM is equipped with a full 180° CNC controlled
power helix.

GS:TE-LM Grinding a Worm Gear

GS:TE-LM Advanced Grinding Machine Technologies

  • Linear motors on linear roller ways for maximum acceleration and contouring capability with fewer mechanical parts for low maintenance operation

  • 0.05-micron scale feedback for world class accuracy now and after years of multi-shift operation

  • Drake Smart Spindle™ technology providing automatic balancing, touch dressing, and part feature locating

  • Drake Smart Form™ technology that automatically generates corrected wheel forms for helical path interference and off helix grinding

  • Full 180° Power Helix

  • Mineral filled cast polymer base with excellent thermal stability and vibration damping

  • High static and dynamic stiffness to aggressively grind with the latest super abrasives

  • State of the art Fanuc CNC system for reliability

  • A lean, clean, ergonomic design and compact footprint for operation in a cell environment

Complex geometries are automatically generated
with consistent precision.

Drake PartSmart™ Programming Parameters
Menu-driven software speeds set-up and assures accuracy.

Your Drake GS:TE-LM is customized for your specific manufacturing environment and your parts. To set up for a given part, all you have to do is enter the work piece parameters and the menu-driven programs take it from there.  Your operator is guided through the grind and dress process by our simple to understand menu screens.  Since the program is designed for your exact parts, such factors as truing forms, grind paths and spindle and work are easily entered, giving you complete control over the process without programming.


GS:TE-LM Applications
The GS:TE-LM is the ideal grinder for manufacturers producing:

  • Taps
  • Multi-start worms
  • Electronic steering components
  • Fast lead ball screws
  • Feed and bone screws
  • Gear boxes and transmissions
  • Speed reducers
  • API gages


Thread Hand
Thread Length
Blank O.D.
Size Comp
Total Depth
Taper Comp
Wheel Dia
FIN Stock
RUF Passes
FIN Passes
RUF Wheel m/s
FIN Wheel m/s

RUF Work mm/m

FIN Work mm/m
Dress Count
Dress WHL m/s
Dress Amount
Dress Feed mm/m
Root Radius
Root Flat
Crest Radius


  GS:TE-LM200 GS:TE-LM350
Overall Machine 1.7 m W x 2.1 m D 3 m W x 2.2 m D
Coolant Discharge Height .5 m above bottom of base
Part Loading Height 1.1 m above bottom of base
Approximate Shipping Weight 7000 kg 12,000 kg


Axis Description GS:TE-LM200 GS:TE-LM350 Optional Speed
X Max Part Diameter 200 mm 350 mm 650 mm 30 m/mm
Z Max Length HS to TS1
400 mm 800 mm 4 m 30 m/mm
Max Part Between Centers2 330 mm 750 mm 4 m 30 m/mm
Max Thread Length3 330 mm 650 mm 4 m 30 m/mm
A Wheel Helix 4 +/- 90° +/- 90°   30 rpm
C Work Rotation 5 10:1 10:1 Direct 300 rpm
Spindle 7.5 kW 18 kW   60 m/sec

Ask about a Universal Internal/External version of this machine.

1. Distance between face of spindle nose and tailstock face with the headstock (HS) at outermost position.
2. Distance between standard centers with HS at outermost position.
3. Maximum length of grind from tailstock (TS) end of part.
4. At lead angles greater than ±35°, machine specifications become dependent on tooling, part and wheel diameter, coolant delivery, and other fixturing interference issues.
5. High accuracy workhead with <10 arc second index error available.


Other machine capacities available--contact us.

Performance warranty.
The Drake Warranty is for one full year with no limit on hours. For one very good reason:
you expect performance and Drake delivers.


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