Our machines are organized here by application. Simply identify the type of parts you make from the list below and link to the appropriate Drake machine for the job. If you don’t see your parts listed, or would like further information, please visit our RFQ page and tell us more about your parts. Drake’s application engineers will help you select the most productive machine to make your parts.

Threading Tool Manufacturing

Taps – Cutting & Forming, Thread Dies – Round, Flat & Planetary, Thread Milling Cutters, Thread Gages

Job Shop Thread Grinding

External Grinding, Internal Grinding, Small Threads, Universal Grinders

Ballscrews Assemblies

Ball Screws, Lead Screws, Multi-Start Threads, Complex Geometries, Roller Screws, Linear Actuators, Ball Nuts, Linear Nuts, Internal Threads

Gears, Worms & Worm Wheels

Finish Profile Gear Grinding, Gear Hobbing, Worms, Splines and Threads, Racks

Steering Components

EPS Worms, Column Steer Worms, Rack Piston Worms, EPS Steering Nuts, Rack Pistons, Steering Rack Teeth, Pinion Finishing