Ball Screws 

Drake grinders are available sized to grind screws from 0.5 mm to 250mm diameter up to 4M in one holding with our moving wheelhead design machines equipped with a 150mm thru-hole work spindle you can grind any length screw – several meters at a time. Our machine mounted inspection probe will help you pick up the lead ground on previous sections of the screw. That provides for Class-1, 2π R lead at the hook up! Grinders come in 2- and 4-meter sizes for grinding ball screws, lead screws, feed screws, multi-start threads and complex thread forms and complex geometries.

Our grinders are built on proven, time-tested platforms equipped with our most advanced grinding technologies and will arrive programmed to run your specific parts. Like all Drake grinders, these are equipped with our advanced PartSmart software.