Ballscrew Assemblies

Drake ballscrew grinders come in 2, 3 or 4-meter sizes for grinding ballscrews, lead screws, feed screws, multistart threads and complex thread forms.

They can be equipped with internal grinding attachments to grind ball nuts, steering nuts and other internal threads.

Applications: Ballscrews, lead screws, feed screws, multi-start threads and complex geometries
GS:TE 2 & 3 Meter
GS:TE-LM 4 Meter Ball nuts, steering nuts,internal threads


Drake Internal Return Ballnut

The Drake Internal Return Ball Nut has been licensed throughout the world and is currently used in automotive power steering systems.

Drake has developed special grinding processes and machines for licensees of its proprietary internal return ball nut technology. The machines come pre-programmed to grind all features of the Drake Internal Return Ball Nut.

Drake’s Internal Return Ball Nut technology is available for additional non-exclusive licensing. To learn more about the advantages of the Drake Internal Return Ballnut, click here: