GS:TE 2-Meter External Thread Grinder

Drake GS:TE 2-Meter External Thread Grinder

Drake GS:TE (Grinding System: Thread External)

2-Meter ballscrew grinders are built on proven, time-tested platforms equipped with our most advanced grinding technologies and will arrive programmed to run your specific parts.

They are the the ideal grinders for ballscrews, lead screws, feed screws, multi-start threads and complex geometries.

GS:TE 2M & 4M Media Vault


Drake GS:TE 2-Meter Ball Screw Grinder

Drake PartSmart™ Programming

This GS:TE 2-Meter, like all Drake grinders, is equipped with our advanced PartSmart™ software.

Your grinder arrives pre-programmed to run your family of parts. No programming required.

The operator only needs to enter specific part and process information prompted by menu-driven screens.

You get good parts out the door from day one!

SmartForm™ Technology and Diamond Roll Truing. 

CNC controlled diamond roll contour dresser mounted behind the grinding wheel

A 115mm diameter CNC controlled diamond roll contour dresser, mounted behind the wheel, automatically generates wheel forms for correcting helical path interference and off-helix grinding.

The total system is pre-tested at our plant on your parts. Then it’s proved out for you and prepped for start-up.

Complex geometries are automatically generated with consistent precision.

Variable Speed Wheel Spindle Drive

Drake GS:TE 2-Meter grinders are equipped with a Fanuc A.C. variable frequency spindle drive control and precision balanced 7.5 kW motor.

The spindle drive is configured for constant surface speed operation over the entire wheel size range.