GS:RM Rack Mill

Drake 4-Axis CNC Rack Mill
Designed and programmed for high speed manufacturing of power steering racks in a flexible cell environment.

The Drake GS:RM Rack Mill provides a high performance solution to the production automotive power steering racks and are proving themselves all over the world with some of the largest auto parts makers.

The Drake Rack Mill features a fully adjustable automatic loading system. Entrance and exit magazines hold 10 parts each. Part lengths from 500 to 750 mm and diameters from 25 to 35mm are easily accommodated.

In addition to high production, the Drake Rack Mill produces a near grinder-like finish of 35 Ra on steering racks.

An available power helix on the milling spindle assists in fast changeovers to a variety of part configurations producing angles up to ±14°.

Typical cycle times for 6° helix racks with 8mm depth of cut is 35 seconds floor to floor.

GS:RM Rack Mill Library

Infeed Conveyor

Stability and Accuracy

The totally integrated milling system is built for stable and accurate machining with a cast polymer base,

Exit Conveyor

linear roller ways and a Fanuc CNC servo system. The machine features a fully adjustable automatic loader with entrance and exit magazines that hold 10 parts each for part lengths from 500 to 750 mm and diameters from 25 to 35 mm.

The milling head provides extremely
accurate tooth geometries.

Maximum Productivity

The 15 kW (20 HP) milling spindle has heavy duty bearings and runs at a maximum of 150 RPM. The cutter is 160 x 200 mm in size, arbor mounted on standard #50 taper, with outboard bearing support. The cutters were manufactured on Drake Flute Grinders and Thread Grinders to produce accurate rack tooth geometries at maximum speeds and feeds.

Cycle time is less than 35 seconds.

Fast Set-Up Time
Set-up time between parts is accomplished in under 10 minutes by using a menu format on the controller that keeps mechanical adjustments to a minimum and increases operator productivity. A quick-change nut on the cutter arbor reduces cutter change time.

Latest Fanuc controls with Part Smart™ CNC Programming

Part Smart™ CNC Programming
Drake’s Part Smart™ programming transforms even the most complex set-up task into simple, automated key-pad entry routines. The menu-driven data entry screens are customized and completely pre-programmed to your family of parts and procedures with no in-house programming required.

Part definitions and other process data can be stored for instant recall, which reduces set-up time and minimizes operator error.

Automatic Positioning
The CNC-controlled helix swivel with servo motor and one-million-count encoder feedback provide automatic set-up for a proper cutting angle.

System Advantages

  • Complete Pre-Programming of controls specific to family of parts eliminates in-house programming
  • Process Development with customer parts before the machine leaves our floor. This Part Smart™ approach ensures ‘Parts out your door from day one’
  • Simplified Operator Control of all process parameters through CNC menu entries
  • Menu Flexibility with entries configured to suit specific customer applications
  • Variable Cutter Speed & Work Feed are programmable for greater versatility of the process
  • Improved Accuracy through use of high resolution servo motors and glass-scale feedback
  • Change-Over Time Minimized using menu format with minimal mechanical adjustment: change over between parts is less than ten minutes
  • Maintenance Simplified with CNC diagnostics and mechanical systems designed for easy maintenance to help keep your Drake producing parts

Other machine capacities available–contact us.

Performance Warranty

The Drake Warranty is for one full year with no limit on hours. For one very good reason:
you expect performance and Drake delivers.