GS:G2 Profile Gear Grinder

Drake GS:G2 (Grinding System: Rough & Finish) rough and finish grind gears in one operation. The GS:G2 will grind precut gears from Mod 0.5 to 8 (50 to 3 DP), from 1.0” to 10” pitch diameter to AGMA 12 specification. This 2-in-1 highly productive grinder is based on a proven design with added HP and the latest Drake grinding technologies.

GS:G2-LM Media Vault

±45º Wheel Helix

The GS:G2 is equipped with a +/- 45º wheel helix.

The latest Fanuc controls assure
easy set-up.

15-Minute Setups

The GS:G2 is equipped with an easy menu-driven control with Drake’s Gear Smart™ programming, allowing part changeovers in 15 minutes or less.

See typical menu entries below.

Diamond roll located behind the wheel

SmartForm™ CNC Contour Diamond Roll Dresser

115mm diameter diamond rolls for wheel profiling and conditioning.

Dressing software allows involute profile modifications for prototype or custom gear teeth.

High value – minimum capital outlay

Now you can source near net-shaped gears from low cost suppliers and still control the final product quality.

World class accuracy

Direct drive synchronous torque motor C-axis positioning provides tooth-to-tooth index resolution to within 0.2 arc seconds.

Other GS:G2 benefits

  • CNC contour diamond roll dressing
  • Constant surface speed as the wheel wears
  • Infinitely variable wheel and work speeds selectable for roughing and finishing
  • CNC controlled helix and work rotation.

Other machine capacities available–contact us.

  • Worm grinding option available.
  • Other machine capacities available, please contact us.