Finish Profile Gear Grinding

GS:G2-LM Linear Motor 4-Axis Profile Gear Grinder.

A multi-role grinder that can switch gears as fast as you!

The Drake GS:G2-LM is a perfect blend of precision, power and price. It’s equally at home in job shops,  manufacturing cells, high volume  grinding – even prototype work. If you’ve wanted to move to precision ground gears but balked at the cost–the G2 is the machine for you.

High value – minimal capital outlay

Now you can source near net-shaped or hobbed gears from low-cost suppliers and still control the final product quality. You can supply a quieter, more precise product and remain globally competitive.

Special tooth forms

With on-machine contour wheel dressing, grind modified forms on pre-cut gears without investing in special hobs.

No need to carry expensive special hobbing tool inventory or wait for plated wheels with special forms.


  • Quick changeovers – new parts  running in 15 min. or less.
  • GearSmartTM programming – operator only needs to enter specific part and process information prompted by menu-driven screens.
  • Direct drive synchronous torque motor C-axis positioning with 8-million count encoder provides feedback resolution of 0.2 arc seconds.
  • Constant surface speed as the  wheels wear.
  • SmartFormTMCNC diamond roll dressing – for wheel profiling and conditioning. Dressing software allows involute profile modifications for prototype or custom gear teeth.
  • SmartSpindleTM acoustical emissions monitoring allows fully automated gear tooth location and stock division to equalize grind stock.
  • Linear axis positioning with 0.05µm resolution linear scale feedback for  world-class accuracy.