Job Shop Thread Grinding

For job shops, our thread grinders can be equipped with CNC helix positioning and automatic clamping for faster change over from part to part.

Integral motor spindles are now available with internal automatic wheel balancers on our GS:TE-LM and GS:TI-LM machines.

Space and interference constraints on our GS:TEM “MINI’s prevent us from mounting and maintaining automatic balancers. However, in a joint development effort with our spindle suppliers, we now have in-the-spindle-nose automatic balancers available for our MINIs that allow the machines to be configured with both a motorized spindle (no belt drive) and an automatic balancer.

External Grinding

Tap, worm, ball nut, gear teeth, and gage grinding in both job shops and in dedicated production cells.

Internal Grinding

Grind a wide range of internal threads, grooves, ball tracks and other forms on one machine.

Small Threads

Geared for higher volume, precision threaded parts manufacturers in the cutting tool, automotive, aerospace and medical equipment industries.

Universal Grinders

Internal and external diameters, right or left hand threads with single or multiple leads. Compact vertical layout minimizes floor space, easily integrates into cell manufacturing environment.