Relief Grinding of Cutting Tools

Proven to be one of the most productive thread grinders ever, Drake’s GS:TE is a highly productive grinder for taps and threads, gear teeth, gages, multi-start worms, electronic steering components, fast lead ball screws, rotor components, feed and bone screws. High static and dynamic stiffness – use the latest superabrasives with confidence.

With the GS:TE, Drake offers you a high value-added grinding machine to remain globally competitive for years to come.

GS:TEM "Mini"

Equipped for production thread grinding of parts from 1mm to10mm diameter by up to 100mm long, Drake’s GS:TEM “Mini” External Thread Grinder is ideal for grinding taps and is aimed at higher volume, precision threaded parts manufacturers in the cutting tool, automotive, aerospace and medical equipment industries.

In addition to taps, the GS:TEM excels at grinding thread rolls, thread gages, worms, ballscrews, e-steering components, aerospace fasteners and surgical bone screws.

Drake’s forming and cutting tap software, small diameter wheel (200mm) and low-mass wheel axis provide intricate control over the shape of a form tap’s lobes and relief. Drake also provides multi-rib rolls for form or cut taps with topping and chamfer features.

Drake Machine Solutions:

GS:TE External Thread Grinder

GS:TEM “Mini” External Thread Grinder