Thread Grinding

Drake sets the standard for thread grinding technology. Now you can grind taps, thread rolling dies, power and steering worms, lead screws and feed screws, ball screws, medical screws, complex geometries and multiple leads aggressively and accurately.

Drake offers an array of advanced grinding technologies to choose from:

  • Linear motors
  • High static and dynamic stiffness – use in superabrasives with confidence
  • Power helix
  • Tenth micron feedback
  • SmartSpindle™ automatic balancing, touch dressing and part locating
  • PartSmart programming
  • CNC contour wheel dressing

Thread Rolling Die Manufacturing

  • Round
  • Flat
  • Planetary

Thread Gauges

  • ANSI, ISO, Metric, API

Drake Machine Solutions:

GS:TE External Thread Grinder

GS:TEM-100 External Thread Grinder

GS:TI Internal Thread Grinder