Grinding System: Thread Internal

The Drake GS:TI is the ideal grinder for ball nuts, thread gages and power steering components. You can grind a wide range of internal threads, grooves, ball tracks and other forms on one machine.

GS:TI Library


Advanced Design & Grinding Technologies:

  • Linear motors on linear ways for maximum acceleration and contouring with fewer mechanical parts and lower maintenance.
  • High static and dynamic stiffness – use the latest superabrasives with confidence.
  • Full +/- 10° Power Helix.
  • 0.05 micron scale feedback for world-class accuracy.
  • Built-in PartSmart™ programming. Change jobs easily. No programming knowledge required.
  • Drake SmartForm™ – automatically generates wheel forms for correcting helical path interference and off-helix grinding. Or upload your specially designed form from .dxf files.
  • State-of-the-art Fanuc CNC system.
  • Lean, ergonomic design and compact footprint for easy operation in cell environments.

Drake GS:TI280-360 Internal Thread Grinder

Other machine capacities available

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