Threading Tool Manufacturing

In response to demands from our high production customers, we have developed a variety of automation systems, as well as single purpose versions of our GS:TE and GS:TEM “Mini” external thread grinders.For installations where the machine is likely to only grind a single part over its life, we have eliminated the A-axis gear box and its power helix function. The wheel helix is manually set and clamped in place resulting in a lower cost machine with higher stiffness suitable for high production environments where seconds count.

Automation Systems

Drake offers fully integrated automation systems including robot load, pallet and magazine systems. Our robot load system for grinders features an adjustable infeed conveyor and grippers designed by Drake for maximum flexibility. The entire grinding and load/unload process is programmed into the machine control by Drake. The system provides consistent handling and maximum throughput for increased productivity.

We recently shipped a tap grinder with a robot loading and pallet changing system that delivers up to 9 full pallets of tools. Depending on tool diameter and pallet density, this system can provide up to 30 hours of unattended running!

Taps – Cutting & Forming from 0.5mm to 200mm

GS:TEM M0.5 – M10 cutting and forming

GS:TE M6 – M200 cutting and forming

Small Taps


Thread Dies – Round, Flat & Planetary

Planetary Dies to 400mm Diameter

GS:TE/TI Universal Thread Grinder

M10 – M400 Diameter Round Dies


Thread Milling Cutters

60º, Trapezoidal, Gothic, Radius / Style or Multiple Tooth Form Relieved Cutters

GS:TE Single or Multiple Tooth Form Relieved Cutters

Internal and external diameters, right or left hand threads with single or multiple leads. Compact vertical layout minimizes floor space, easily integrates into cell manufacturing environment.

Thread Gages – With or Without Tip Relief: ANSI, DIN, JIB, ISO, API, British, Specials

GS:TE M0.5 to M500 Plug Gages

GS:TE M8 to M500 Ring Gages