Universal Grinding

Drake GS:TEI External/Internal Thread Grinder

GS:TEI External/Internal Thread Grinder

Now there’s a larger cousin to the GS:TEI External/Internal thread grinder!

The Drake GS:TEI is available with a work envelope of 350mm diameter with lengths up to 2 meters. It can be equipped with a power wheel helix (A-axis) and for grinding external (±35° lead angle) and internal threads (±10° lead angle), right or left hand. This new grinder will enable us to serve a wider range of customers – especially those producing larger gears and worms, and longer lead, feed and ball screws.

The GS:TEI has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest superabrasives. And, like all Drake grinders, they are delivered pre-programmed for your parts.

Drake guarantees good parts out the door from day one.