GS:TEI External/Internal Thread Grinder

Drake GS:TEI External/Internal Thread Grinder

Now there’s a larger cousin to the GS:TEI External/Internal Thread Grinder!

The Drake GS:TEI is available with a work envelope of 350mm diameter with lengths up to 2 meters. It can be equipped with a power wheel helix (A-axis) and for grinding external (±35° lead angle) and internal threads (±10° lead angle), right or left hand. This new grinder will enable us to serve a wider range of customers – especially those producing larger gears and worms, and longer lead, feed and ball screws.

GS:TEI Library

GS:TEI Advanced Grinding Features

The GS:TEI is available with a host of advanced machine design and grinding technologies including:

  • Linear motors on linear ways for maximum acceleration and contouring capability with fewer mechanical parts for low maintenance operation
  • Tenth-micron scale feedback for world class accuracy now and after years of operation
  • Drake Smart Form™ technology that automatically generates corrected wheel forms or helical path interference and off helix grinding or calculates setup parameters for generating desired part feature geometry with a standard wheel form

    Power Wheel Helix. +/-35° External Lead Angle,
    +/- 10° Internal Lead Angle

  • Power wheel helix +/- 35° lead angle for external, +/- 10° for internal threads
  • Mineral filled cast polymer base with excellent thermal stability and vibration dampening
  • High static and dynamic stiffness to aggressively grind with the latest super abrasives
  • State of the art Fanuc CNC system for reliability
  • A lean, clean, ergonomic design and compact footprint for operation in a cell environment

The GS:TEI has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest superabrasives. And, like all Drake grinders, they are delivered pre-programmed for your parts. Drake guarantees good parts out the door from day one.

CNC acoustic touch dressing for generating complex forms

Our GS:TEI External/Internal thread grinders are well-suited for grinding:

• Taps
• Thread gages
• Multi-start worms
• Electronic steering components
• Fast lead ball screws and nuts
• Feed and bone screws
• Gear box worms
• Transmission parts
• Other high precision components.

And these machines were designed with a compact footprint to easily fit into manufacturing cells.

The GS:TEI is delivered with your part programs already loaded and proved out


GS:TEI External/Internal Thread Grinder
Overall Machine 3 m W x 2 m D
Coolant Discharge Height 0.5 m above floor
Part Loading Height 1.1 m above floor
Approx. Shipping Weight 9,000 kg (20,000#) – Six-inch concrete floor required