Vertical Thread Mills

Rough mill parts for finish grinding

Vertical Thread Mill

Drake vertical thread mills are used for high production threading. The VTM thread mill internal and external diameters, right or left hand threads, single or multiple leads to full depth in production quantities with fast cycle times. The VTM has a heavy, rigid polymer/mineral-filled base to dampen vibration and enhance cutting stability. Its spindle slide (A-axis) has a servo-controlled helix with a +/- 5° range. Linear motors control the Cutter Radial In-Feed Slide (X-Axis). The slide is fitted with long life, precision preloaded linear roller ways providing higher stiffness and more accurate positioning than Vee or flat ways.

Its compact vertical layout minimizes floor space, and with simplified manual or automatic loading and unloading, the machine is easily integrated into a manufacturing cell environment. The vertical workhead (C-Axis) employs a synchronous AC torque motor with an 8-million count encoder that allows precise spindle control — including indexing of parts — so that threading holes on a bolt circle can be accomplished if needed. C-Axis work rotation speed is 50-500 rpm. In standard configuration, the maximum part diameter is 3″.


Training includes process development, part feature definition, controls operation, and preventive maintenance for the complete machine.


Axis Description Standard Speed
C Work Rotation 360° 50-300RPM
X Work Side Travel
Max Part Diameter
195mm (7″)
75mm (3″)
front to back



Overall machine 1.4m W x 2.5m D (55″ x 98″)
Coolant discharge height 0.4m (14″ above bottom of base)
Approximate shipping weight 4,000kg (8,800lbs)

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