Technology Solutions

Drake Manufacturing is recognized globally as a market leader that designs, builds and services state-of-the-art precision CNC thread, worm, and profile gear grinders as well as rack and thread milling machines. We help our customers maximize their productivity, improve quality, and reduce production costs for a wide variety of demanding applications that enables them to become global competitors.

High Efficiency Deep Grinding (HEDG)

Drake’s new HEDG process features a high metal removal rate with the complete absence of burn and very competitive cycle time. HEDG reduces the number of machining processes, capital outlay, tooling, and personnel costs for the roughing operation.  Learn more

Part Smart™ Process Development 

Drake’s Part Smart™ software enables you to run parts and change over jobs with menu-driven ease. All Drake machines are fully programmed to run customer parts before they leave our floor. The operator simply fills in the values for each part following the screen prompts. No complicated programming knowledge needed! Drake Part Smart™ menu-driven screens simplify setup and assure accuracy to put “parts out your door from day one”.

Automation Solutions

Drake offers a variety of Automation & Integration Solutions from short-run, fast changeover systems to high-volume and custom solutions depending on part and production requirements. Drake is a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator.

Process Expertise

The Drake Team is focused on optimizing grinding processes, and takes responsibility for machine performance and process capability. All Drake machines are designed and built to produce quality parts. There are no compromises in process, performance, or quality.

Cast Polymer Base

Drake machines are built on cast polymer bases for vibration damping and thermal stability. The material has excellent properties for high-precision machine tools. Compact, high-mass base minimizes required floor space and yet allows high accelerations for minimizing cycle time. Full enclosure guarding keeps even high pressure grinding coolant contained for dry floor operation.

Linear Motor Drive System

Linear motors with high-resolution linear encoders on positioning axes ensure precision now and after years of multi-shift operation.  Linear motors mean no drive train windup, backlash, or lead error due to aging ball screws and couplers.

CNC Dressing

CNC contour diamond roll dressing is the one way that thread grinding can be fully automated. It assures that the wheel is properly shaped and sharpened at all times and is standard on Drake machines.

Vitrified Diamond & CBN Wheels

Use the latest super abrasives with confidence. Whether you are grinding with AlOx2, Seeded Gel Ceramic, or CBN, Drake thread grinders can meet your demanding production needs.

Closed-Loop Position Feedback

Drake machines provide verifiable precision and control for every application with Heidenhain glass scales and resolutions to four millionths of an inch.